MCHS at 70: The Rahilly Building

One of the most beloved buildings at the Mower County Historical Society is the Rahilly

Richard Rahilly, 1881-1956.

(“Ra-heely”) Building, or more commonly called, the Buggy Building.

Mr. Rahilly served as the first president of the Mower County Historical Society in 1947 and served in that capacity until 1956.  He was also a member of the fair board from 1940-1952 and fair board president from 1952-1955.  In honor of his many years of dedication, the historical society and the fair worked together raise money for and construct the building to house the horse-drawn vehicle collection that he started.

Dedicated on July 29, 1956, the Rahilly Building was the fourth building on the Mower County Historical Society grounds.  Roy T. Anderson, former Minnesota American Legion Commander gave the keynote speech.  In it address, he noted that the building and its contents provide a “visual aspect of what has transpired

Austin Daily Herald, April 14, 1956

in the past…from horses and buggies a great nation developed.”  The building housed twelve horse-drawn vehicles, harnesses, ox yokes, blankets, carpet bags, and many “relics of bygone days.”

Today, the collection of buggies, wagons, and sleighs in the Rahilly Building continue to delight Mower County Historical Society visitors.  We are so grateful for the dedication and forethought of our past leaders and members, like Richard Rahilly, who put together this wonderful collection.

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